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A little Progress everyday… adds up to BIG results

Man hiking in grassland
One step forward, and then the next

We often keep working, with our head down, creating one small brick after the next, not realising the stash of bricks that’s starting to shape up into something beautiful!

In Jan 2021, when we were building our Brand new logo, to go with the new identity we are creating for ourselves, I got a chance to look back at what all we have accomplished — in a matter of just 7 months. We’ve been able to get 13 amazing people together — all working for the cause, without any money — giving more than they give to their day jobs!

We’ve come so far, and there’s so much more we want to do…

NatureHealers.Life’s Story so far:

As a society, we are a long way from where we should be in terms of Sustainable Living, Climate Change and Ecological Degradation. Although there are many organisations doing great work on the ground, the one thing missing from the recipe has been User Engagement + Gamification — to keep people hooked onto a sustainable lifestyle.
NHL exists to bridge this gap We are making it fun and easy for people to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, (and then stick to it), just one little step at a time.

This was the story we started with, and the story that we work with everyday.

Before investing anything into building technology, me and my co-founders — Nikhil Vijayvergiya and Shelley Goel, ran 2 Pilot Earth Missions to test the concept. We started with the 2 Earth Missions that were closest to my heart —

  1. Sustainable Menstruation

  2. Plastics

The Pilots ran over 5 months, over Google forms, Whatsapp groups and Emails, and a lot of manual effort. The response we received was overwhelming! And it was clear that this little concept of ours, is set to become something much bigger.

Now, 7 months in, our team of 13 NHL Builders (full time/part time), are building various aspects of NHL — New Missions Design, Product Development, Growth & Marketing, Graphics and more. In fact, many of these folks are people who first came to the pilots as participants, and then decided to join in to create a bigger impact.

Now we are moving towards our second short-term goal — Creating and Launching our MVP Mobile app, and we are just a few weeks away from that now! We couldn’t be more excited!!

Our Overarching Goal

Working in this industry, it is easy to see why it’s not yet mainstream, and why top talent isn’t attracted to it as their option #1.

To make sustainability industry mainstream, we need to make it profitable for the capitalist market

It’s not (yet) profitable.

So our overarching Goal at NHL, is to make Sustainability (industry), profitable for the Capitalist market. This might seem like a long shot, but actually, the same principles apply to it like any other industry.

There are 3 main things that needs to be done:

How to make sustainability industry mainstream

  1. Manufacturing Demand for sustainable products and services: This can be done through awareness, because most often than not, sustainable practices and products are better for our Health and Wallet ALSO!

  2. Increasing Discoverability of sustainable products and services: So that when people are looking for a sustainable alternative, they know where and what to look for.

  3. Improving Supply: of sustainable products & services by making production & supply chains more efficient and prevalent. This will in turn increase profitability.

This is not something that can be achieved quickly, or with just a few people. Our philosophy at heart is also to create conditions to attract and encourage more talent, competitors and organisations to this industry.

Let me leave you with this 5 year road-map of our plans

NHL 5 year roadmap

What do you think?

— — — —

At NatureHealers.Life, for the first-time, sustainable lifestyle is gamified! Find out more:

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Nov 11, 2021

This is soo Insightful!!! It is soo true about we all making little progress and the end goal would seam less and less frightful. We will get there, we surely will!!!

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