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Home Composting

Recycling the way
Nature meant it to be

Start your hassle-free nano-composter at home...
In gardens or apartments!

Join Season 2- Hurry! Limited spots.

Book yours (Free)

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70% of waste generated in households is organic.


When this reaches landfills, it creates methane, ammonia and leachate, contributing to Climate Change, and polluting our air and water bodies! 


With this Earth Mission, convert your waste into energy and food, easily!

From anywhere - bungalows, apartments or village huts

Recycle the way Nature meant it to be...

And you know what - it’s great for your garden plants too!

So why should YOU Compost?


It's a healthy choice of food for your plants - that grow healthy food for you!


It's easy - All we need to do is let Mother earth do what it does best! Bring matter back to soil!


Every kg of organic compostable waste - which reaches landfills - releases massive amounts of CO2e and Methane!


If your society does not have a waste segregation and composting facility - then you are dumping tonnes of compostable 'Black Gold' to waste every year!!


Hear it from the Nature Healers

In associating with Nature Healers, I have begun to heal myself, as I connect and commune with nature through the intrinsic process of creating compost.

It's so therapeutic and I feel in communion with Mother Earth. Thank you Nature Healers. Truly inspirational.👍😊

Colin Massey

Education Consultant

Home Composting

Season 1


Sign up open for Season 2!!

Hurry! Limited seats!
Sign up to book your spot...

Learn more (and Sign Up) below

What is a Season?

Seasons are 1-3 month long (Free) programs for the Earth Mission,
where you play, learn and evolve 
with a group of people who are on the same transformation journey as you are.

It takes you on an adventure journey of fun, tiny challenges. 
In some challenges you play from the comfort of your couch,
in others, you take a real-life baby step with our help

The only commitment needed from you is some of your time
~10 min per week (or more if you wish to!)

Seasons have limited spots,
So book yours before they run out!
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