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The Power is in your hands
Use it well
Coming soon...
Meanwhile, why not check out other Earth Missions on the NHL App?
Renewable energy

The only source of all energy on earth is one: our Sun.

Although eons behind plants, we are now beginning to learn great ways of directly harvesting this energy rather than borrowing it from nature.


Sometimes tiny changes can go a long way in making better use of our power,

but can these also be fun??

Season 1

Coming Soon... Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, try other Earth Missions on the NHL App

What is a Season?

Seasons are 1-3 month long (Free) programs for the Earth Mission,
where you play, learn and evolve 
with a group of people who are on the same transformation journey as you are.

It takes you on an adventure journey of fun, tiny challenges. 
In some challenges you play from the comfort of your couch,
in others, you take a real-life baby step with our help

The only commitment needed from you is some of your time
~10 min per week (or more if you wish to!)

Seasons have limited spots,
So book yours before they run out!
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