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Our Story

Our Story

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” 

- Robert Swan, OBE (the first man in history to walk to both the North and South Poles)

Many organizations do great work on the ground,

but fail to keep individuals hooked to the adopted changes.

People often want to be more sustainable,

but it's either not convenient, is boring or no-one around them is doing it.

Thus we created NHL and it's Earth Missions!

A place where people can find a cause that they care for,

and work towards it, in tiny, easy steps

all while having loads of Fun in doing it!

A place where people can feel like

I am not alone on this Mission”...

What we believe in

One simple thing.

If it's not Fun, it's not worth doing!

We also believe that

Change begins at Home.

Eco-conscious people are more likely to make eco-friendly and public health friendly business decisions.

And we believe that Games have this incredible power to drive change - for better Health today and a better Future tomorrow

So, what are you waiting for... Let's Game on!!

Environmentalism earth hugging

Our Impact


kg CO2e Mitigated EVERY YEAR
...and counting
Our Impact
Sanitary pads


Non-biodegradable, non-recyclable plastic sanitary napkins saved from entering the landfills

Black Soil


Kg of waste converted to Black Gold (Compost) and diverted from landfills EVERY YEAR!!

Plastic trash


Single-use plastic items saved from entering landfills and oceans


People Planting Trees


People engaged for impact

through NHL's activities

so far

Mitigation vs. Neutralisation

Mitigation - is permanent removal - and recurring (every year).

i.e. This emission will never be emitted and will cause no damage to the environment.

Mitigation counts towards Net Zero goals of India and the World.

Neutralisation on the hand, is offsetting and buying off already emitted emissions with your money

Painted Space

Have you checked out our Earth Missions?

Pick a cause that you care for and start playing!

Meet the NHL Builders!

Builder avatars
Ankita Vijayvergiya


London Business School, BITS Pilani, 13+ years of global experience in Technology, Product Development, Startups, Data Science, User engagement and Scaling Businesses

Builder avatars
Anushtha Vijayvergiya

Missions Design

NIT Bhopal, 4+ years of experience in Research and Analytics, Consulting across various sectors, focused segment: TMT

Builder avatars
Prachi Kashyap

Missions Design, Marketing

Cranfield University, 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas and IT. Music lover, nature enthusiast and passionate about technology

Builder avatars
Nikhil Vijayvergiya


BITS Pilani, Ex-Pwc, 10+ years of experience in Product Development, Startups, Gamification, Motivational nudges & User Experience, Parkour traceur

Builder avatars
Anunay Awasthi


Independent creative producer, 9+ years working in the Hindi film industry (Bollywood) in various different roles.

Builder avatars
Sonali Aggarwal

Growth, Finance

CA, Certified Valuer & Commerce - JMC, DU with decade of experience in consultancy, finance & legal services across the globe

Builder avatars
Anukriti Vijayvergiya


MITS, Laskhmangarh - Computer Science Engineer. 10+ years of experience in technology, coding, product development and leading product teams

Builder avatars
Nitya Kumar

Missions Design

Univ of Tasmania, 5+ yrs experience in Supply Chain and Digital Mktg in Middle East and India across retail, FMCG & Ecom

Builder avatars
Ashni Acharya

Missions Success

Ashoka University; passionate about disabilities, menstruation, and governance; animal rescuer and foster; fanatic vegan

Meet the Team
Gradient background 6.png

And many more Builders...

who laid the foundations of NHL brick by brick,

during their tenure.

Climate Action isn't a one-person job.

And that's why, we celebrate each and every person who has been a part of NHL, through our strong Alumni Network

Join the team
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Join the Team

Climate Tech rooted in Behavioral Science.

That's the exciting stuff we work on!

We are on a Mission

to simplify Climate Action for Businesses, Organisations and Individuals

And we believe that every human being is capable of being a part of this Mission

If you would like to contribute at least a few hours a week (or more!!) towards it...

Come, become an NHL Builder with us!

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