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Period Paradise

Healthier, Easier, Cleaner Menstruation

Adopt the period product of your choice seamlessly

Join Season 2- Hurry! Limited spots.

Book yours (Free)

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Menstruation is one of the most natural and healthy parts of life of 50% of the world's population.


Many women and menstruators use disposable sanitary napkins, tampons. These are non-recyclable, non-biodegradable. Many use ash, mud and old newspapers.

These cause itching, menstrual odours, and recurring infections.


We women spend a whole 7 years Menstruating!!

Our Period Life deserves to be better.

And it can get a whole lot better!

At NatureHealers.Life, we spent a rigorous 8 months

to craft this Mission for you all -

to make it easiest and most fun

to make the switch from plastic sanitary pads & tampons,

to Healthier and Sustainable period products (for new users),

and to master your method of period management (for existing users)

Join our 4-12 week free program - Period Paradise

Adopt the Period Product of your choice seamlessly

in the Full Mission
Master Your Method of period management with tips and tricks

in the Fast Track

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Color Stain

"I am new to Sustainable Menstruation"

Full Mission

This Mission will help you choose the method best suited to your lifestyle, and then help you fit it in your life seamlessly.


We understand you, and we understand the confusions and fears in your mind.


Many of us have gone through the journey of change ourselves!

Blue Smoke

But... "I use
Menstrual Cups
or Cloth Pads already"

Fast Track Mission

This Mission will help you become a Master of your own method.

We've got many tips and tricks up our sleeve that we can't wait to share with you through our 'Fast Track' Period Paradise Earth Mission!

Did you miss our Season 1?

Period Paradise Menstruation tracks

Period Paradise Season 1

 In Jun-Oct 2020, our first batch of menstruating women transitioned to

a lifetime of cleaner, more joyful

and plastic-free periods - and learnt how to master their method. 


And you know what? This group now saves 60,000+ non-biodegradable non-recyclable plastic sanitary napkins from entering the landfills in their lifetimes!!

Sign up open for Season 2!!

Hurry! Limited seats!
Sign up to book your spot...

Learn more (and Sign Up) below

What is a Season?

Seasons are 1-3 month long (Free) programs for the Earth Mission,
where you play, learn and evolve 
with a group of people who are on the same transformation journey as you are.

It takes you on an adventure journey of fun, tiny challenges. 
In some challenges you play from the comfort of your couch,
in others, you take a real-life baby step with our help

The only commitment needed from you is some of your time
~10 min per week (or more if you wish to!)

Seasons have limited spots,
So book yours before they run out!
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