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There is no Planet B
It is now or never

Support and Invest in the Climate Fight


Support an Earth Mission

At NatureHealers, we reinvest every penny we make, back into Climate Action.

Building and running an Earth Mission is hard work.

It takes us anywhere from 3-8 months to research, build, experiment and go-live with one Earth Mission.


Our Earth Missions are free for all

to remove all barriers to Climate Action for people.

Support us in our journey to take our existing Earth Missions to more people and build new Earth Missions

Every small amount helps us propel further!

You can also support us by gifting us the equivalent of buying us a masala chai, a meal or help pay our bills - we would love to share the love you send our way!

Painted Space

Other Climate Solutions

Gift a Menstrual cup or Cloth pad

Sustainable Menstruation is everyone's right - help make it more accessible to people - while saving the planet too.

Menstrual Cup kit + education

Buy a reusable Menstrual cup for those in need. Each cup takes care of a woman's period needs for 10 years, and it is healthier and trash-free. 

Cloth Pad Kit + education

Buy reusable period care kits for those who can't afford. Each Pad-Kit helps a woman (or menstruator) manage her periods for 3-4 years and saves thousands of disposables from the waste management system.

Confirmations and tracking information (if applicable) will be shared with you on email.

Period Paradise - square.png

Reforest and Rewild the planet

Grow forests, not gardens

Help grow a 100 year old forest - in 3 years!

The Miyawaki technique of growing mini-forests is

30 times better at Carbon sequestration than just planting trees. It works irrespective of soil and climatic conditions and creates dense mini-forests - in spaces as small as 2 car parking spots.

A completely maintenance-free, wild and native forest, within the first three years, it helps local bio-diversity thrive and grow.

Plant and Adopt a tree for 3 months or more in our Miyawaki forest projects - or help create a complete mini-forest!

It's time to Reforest and Rewild the planet.

Neutralise your Carbon Footprint

We can't always avoid emitting carbon, like when we have to travel or stay at a hotel. In fact every activity we do - emits some Carbon (or equivalent).


But we can do our bit by offsetting that emission by investing in certified Carbon offset and neutralisation projects that restore our planet.


Letter from our Founder

In 2020, when Nikhil and I quit our high paying jobs to work on Climate,

not many people believed we were doing the right thing.

We still gathered up all our savings, and haven't looked back since then.

We set out to make a difference in the enormous Climate Fight the world is entering in this decade.

The number of people proud of what we are doing is only increasing every day,

and we are just getting started!!


I also want to tell you today that

The Climate Fight needs YOU.

Contribute what you can, when you can.

Whether it is your time, your ideas, or your funds.

Support and invest in Climate solutions because every amount, however big or small,

will help propel the Climate Fight further... a little bit faster.

On this page, you will find several options of contributing to Climate Action, including contributing to NatureHealers.

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

- Ankita
Founder, NatureHealers

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