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Game Time on Climate
Super Fun, Interactive, Time well spent!

LIVE (virtual) Game Play - that everyone from all walks of life can enjoy and learn from

Sneak-Peak Highlights!

Game Time on Climate (GTOC) are Live Interactive Super-Fun Climate Workshops, focused on Sparking Conversation and Driving Action on topics that impact us everyday. 


An innovative and exciting way to spread awareness, and bring your people and employees together in engaging sessions on topics like Climate in Business, Sustainability in the workspaces, Food and Health, Fast Fashion, Period Paradise, Plastics, Climate Solutions and many many more!


Start making your business a part of Climate Action!

...just one step at a time with G-TOC

Creatively crafted for
Organisations and Events - Big and Small!

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Bring your people together

Let your employees or audience battle for the top in a super-fun game-play. Engage your (remote) people in an evening they will remember!

Spark discussions

About topics that impact us everyday but we never really think about

Learn and take action

And make your business a part of Climate Action - not just on the sidelines

Your employees and audiences
will LOVE you for it!

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Average Rating for G-TOC games

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Hear it from the G-TOC players

Arjun Gupta.jpg

Nature Healer's Life we love you !!! Thank you so much for educating and entertaining us. We @SusMafia are committed to helping you be as successful and impactful as you wish for.

Arjun Gupta

Founder & CEO, Smart Joules

Dr. Ketna.jpg

Great and interesting gaming session. The points discussed were indeed thought provoking for the younger generation. A very innovative and exciting way to spread awareness and get people talking about sustainability and climate change.

Dr. Ketna Matkar

Founder and MD,

Cipher Environmental Solutions LLP

Dhruv Sogani.jpg

The workshop was such an eye opener on many topics that we never think about! It sparked discussions about sustainability within our business - and yes, it was very engaging for all people of my company!

Dhruv Sogani

COO & Director, AlmaConnect

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G-TOC (Game Time on Climate) - your people will LOVE you for it!

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