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Careers at NHL

Climate Fellowship Application

Come become an NHL Builder!

Thanks for applying to become a Climate Fellow with us! We love that you have taken your first step towards solving for Climate Action!


We'll review your application and get back to you soon.

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What is the Climate Fellowship Program?

Climate change affects everyone but so few of us are taking steps to help fix it. At NHL, we make it easy for anyone to start contributing through our Climate Fellowship Program. 

Type: Volunteering program 

Duration: 3-6 months long initially, can be extended. Can be converted into Full Time/Part Time employment later

Time commitment: Based on your preference, typically between 4 to 20 hours per week. 

You take up projects and contribute as per your skill sets and interests to Climate Change. 

On completion, you'll be awarded with ‘Certificate of Climate Fellowship’ signed by our Founders.

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Have you checked out our Earth Missions?

Pick a cause that you care for and start playing!

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