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Begin your adventure to a more sustainable lifestyle

Find your Earth Mission, discover and adopt healthier and planet friendly alternatives in tiny easy steps!
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kg CO2e Mitigated EVERY YEAR
...and counting
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Come leave your mark, Just one little step at a time

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How It Works 

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1. Pick your Earth Mission

Based on what excites you, choose a Mission where you wish to start... Just one little step at at time, towards a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

2. Take up new challenges

Each Mission takes you on an adventure journey of fun tiny challenges. 

In some challenges you play from the comfort of your couch, and in others, you take a real-life baby step with our help.

3. Play at your own pace

Take one small step at a time, or take many... you decide

4. Earn Rewards

Doing good deeds pays off. In this Life itself.

“But I am just one person - said a Billion people”

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We have one life and one planet

Start small, but start NOW!  
Tiny actions everyday, add up to big results 
Because what is good for OUR HEALTH is also great for the planet!

We will help you every step of the way

Our Earth Missions take you on a journey of tiny changes, and make them as easy as drinking water!
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Happy People

If it's not fun, it's not worth doing

So Let’s Play.. many times from the comfort of your couch!
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Find Your Earth Mission

An Earth Mission is a cause that you care for, like...
Find your Earth Mission
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Why should I play?

Appreciation concept
Discover alternatives - for a healthier and wealthier life

Grow habits which are better for the health & wallet, of you and your family

Become a Nature Healer - Conquer Missions

Use your earned rewards for yourself or your environment.

After all, we are a part of the same nature we try to preserve.

There's a whole community there for you

Play with other like-minded people who care about the same causes and solutions as you do

But really, what's in it to love?

We will let NHL Players do the talking

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United Nations SDG alignment

With NatureHealers, it's easy to contribute towards United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals with every step you take.

Our overarching goals

So get ready to
Game On with Earth Missions!

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